Also known as Vytrmotrm by its original inhabitants and Kedora by its last inhabitants, the Tardomi.

At the end of a decade long conflict with the Makadian Dominance, refusing to submit to the Makadian, the Tardomi transported its treasures to Kedora, specifically its moon Tayvos. A fleet of autonomously operated Beam Frigates and an explosive minefield surrounded the moon, preventing Makadians or anyone from acquiring the Tardomi's treasures. Long after the Makadians/Tardomi conflict had ended (the Tardomi wiped out and the Makadians bankrupted from the centuries-long campaign), the fleet and minefield surrounding Tayvos remained unscathed. The Makadians made numerous attempts to breach the defense and failed every time. Centuries past as history saw the fall of the Makadian Domiance and other governments rose to power. Numerous entities tried their luck against the Tardomi relics, two or three succeeded in landing and looting what they could carry off the moon. Much of the Tardomi's wealth, however, was knowledge and information. Very few precious metal and stones were found by the few looters who landed on the moon (after being bombarded by mines and particle beams).

Zedan-A, a white dwarf, was already collapsing and started generating novae, gradually rendering its planets barren, including Zedan-Poc. Centuries turned to millennium, as cosmic radiation eroded the fleet, mine layers' production lifespan expired and ship's power core decayed. The star system dragged more astronomical bodies into its increasing gravitational pull, resulting in Zedan-Poc colliding with asteroids for several centuries, eventually fracturing into pieces along with its moon. The Tardomi fleet and treasures were now scattered amongst the debris field.

With its star system too unstable and no habitable planets found, the Helathyr marked the system and its planets as insignificant during their expansion after the Kinvoat Campaigns.