Chronological timeline with relevant Hilas' tale.

Time (approx) Actual Event Hilas' tale
10,000 BCE Kodri scientist experiment with transdimensional travel The Violation
10,000 BCE Collateral damage from the Kodri experiments caused a temporary tear in the universe. One tear appeared over the planet D'Jai The Rift
10,000 BCE A tear across a region of space spilled exotic matter into the universe, resulting in the birth of Ovidusa Crystals
10,000 BCE Curona/Maphid Integration Divine Lord
9,600 BCE The Divine Lords emerge from Dyadi and began seeding the galaxy with their Devout descendents.
9,300 BCE Nerolos Domination
7,757 BCE The Paximor's Holy Quest to acquire remnant Kodri technology Ascension Bridge
4,446 BCE Hilas dies from his wounds during Doromod's Conquest
4,234 BCE The Tua and Voa clan nations unite to form the foundation of the Helathyr Empire Union of the Two Roses
3760 BCE A Kodri relic was discovered on Vecoda
2,606 BCE Nerolos Vanguards invade the region of D'Jai. The Tehons help push back the Nerolos. Quest of Hearts
2,200 BCE The Tardomi fell against the Makadian Dominance
2,438 BCE The Helathyr leave their dying Homeworld Vecoda in search of planets to sustain their Empire.
2427 BCE The Helathyr encounter the Niv'ram. They traded resources and technology, giving the Helathyr FTL propulsion technology
2398 BCE The Helathyr settle into a region of habitable planets and establish their galactic reign.
2084 BCE The Tovimas Empire forms, ending centuries of inter-species conflict in the region.
2044 BCE Kinvoat-Helathyr War
1986 BCE Helathyr-Tovimas War
456 BCE The Divine Lords begins unifying the galaxy and summoning their Devouts.
0 CE Galactic War against the Nerolos Expansion
153 CE The Augments revolted against their Galactic Union masters and destroys the galactic government.