The Makadian Dominance was once a powerful hegemony in the region now known as the Peraloc Sector of the Helathyr Empire .  The Makadians were among the numerous factions that emerged from the ashes of the Nidoru Empire.  The Makadians conquered the other factions and expanded out towards neighboring political regions.  Eventually, the Makadian Dominance encountered the Tardomi and their wealth of information.  The Tardomi's resistance bankrupted the Makadian Dominance and led to political upheaval within the Makadian government.  Civil war broke out and the Makadian Dominance eventually splintered.

Helathyr Empire Edit

Towards the end of the Kinvoat-Helathyr War, the remaining Kinvoat Federation forces sought refuge in the former Makadian region, now a loose collection of self-governing star systems, before venturing out into the Void. The Helathyr Empire absorbed the region soon after.