Jaar Tonda is an ultimatum issued to an officer in Tovimas military. The ultimatum states that if an officer fails to carry out a specific order, he or she is subject to immediate execution.

Jaar Tonda can be proposed by anyone, from the intended person's superiors to his/her subordinates. Another officer must second the proposal to put it into effect. The accused may ask the reason for the ultimatum, what order he/she failed to carry out. The accused must then make sure he/she doesn't fail to carry out the order a second time. Determination of failure is relative, based on the accused's capability and the time frame for the order to be carried out.

Jaar Tonda originated from a time of division in the Tovimas region. Species and governments were fighting for resources and making backroom deals and betraying each other. To test one's loyalty to their government, when a traitor was found, one of his peers is ordered to execute him. If the peer fails to carry out the order, he is placed under Jaar Tonda. If he fails to carry out an execution order a second time, he is executed on the spot.

In modern Tovimas, Jaar Tonda has the same intended result, but used for broader purposes, typically to address dereliction of duty and weeding out incompetent officers. The nature of Jaar Tonda's ultimatum has been questioned from time to time, which makes having a second officer support the declaration important to prevent abuse.