Guided by prophecies foretold thousands of years ago on a homeworld lost to history among the stars, the Helathyr Empire is a 100,000-star-system kingdom spanning a small segment of the Renan Arm (Outer Arm).  Originally a planet-dominant kingdom, the Helathyr race migrated from their dying planet milleniums ago, the Helathyr



The Helathyr Empire originated from the planet Vecoda, a planet lost to history.

Hilas the Storyteller

Doromod the Strong

Clan nations

Union of Tuo and Voa

Birth of an Empire

Industrial Empire

Space Empire

Planetary Decay


First Contact

Aide provided by the Niv'ram


Planet Engineering and Colonization

Expansion and Dominance

The Clash of Empires

Government and Politics

federal constitutional monarchy

The Monarch

Sage Council

Consisting of prominent non-Helathyr species whose counsel were of value to the Emperor. Member species include the Vas-Kal, Pya'ghin, and Gixen from the former Penamur Commonwealth, the Niv'ram (a seat was offered but never taken), the Sadaron and the Luparo. As time progressed, the Vas-Kal became the sole active member of the Sage Council.

Sector Lords


Society and Culture

Clan System